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We ensure that you

Get Online Quickly

In today's tight economy, it's more important than ever to get your business online. We offer not only e-commerce solutions, but website migration as well.

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We offer

Cloud Hosting

What makes us different from other hosting providers? While they are offering you 20th century technologies such as sharing or virtual servers, we offer true containerized cloud services ... at a reasonable cost.

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We give you

Peace of Mind

Using our fast and reliable cloud service, you'll have your business online in minutes, after which you can immediately start selling your products and/or services to a worldwide market.

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We ensure that ...

Everything Just Works

One of the problems you might encounter with other cloud service providers is that the core container technology they're using is flawed, resulting in strange situations where your applications continuously fail for no apparent reason. Here at LfPHP Cloud Services, you'll find that everything just works!

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We provide

One Click Apps

Setting up major PHP apps such as WordPress, Drupal and Magento eCommerce have never been easier with our One Click Apps feature.

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01. Our Mission

We deliver a high-quality service with no hidden costs.

  • Low and Fixed Costs
  • Data Protection
  • SSL Certificate Included
  • Reliable Server Infrastructure

02. Our Approach

All core technology libraries are carefully integrated and compiled in a uniform and consistent manner.

  • Extensive List of Libraries
  • Packages Compiled Directly from Source
  • Single Command Code Deployment
  • One Click Applications

03. Our Philosophy

LfPHP Cloud Services does not lock you into any particular technology.

  • Any Linux Distribution
  • Any PHP Framework
  • Python, perl and Ruby
  • MariaDB, PostgreSQL and MongoDB
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About Us

We Offer Cloud Services, Training and Development

A group of individual PHP developers got together to create a unique, world-class cloud service. We also offer PHP training, consulting and development as well.

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Do No Evil

We're the Good Guys

You've probably heard the catch-phrase do no evil. This is (was) the company slogan for a well known technology giant. After hearing stories about how this company is developing a search engine that allows a government to censor search results at will, well, most of us no longer believe this phrase is sincere. We have another competitor, owned by one of the richest men in the USA, who pays his workers so poorly that many of them are forced to seek government assistance (food stamps) just to feed their families! And yet another competitor, seemingly one of the good guys, now has contracts with a number of intelligence agencies making it a participant in the Big Brother Surveillance State!

If your business, be it large or small, has a conscience, you can be sure that LfPHP Cloud Services is not involved in any activities that serve to trample upon basic human rights. Also, when you sign up for one of our hosting plans, you have a choice of location for the server hosting your account. Our European Union server, for example, is under EU regulations meaning stronger privacy laws and better protection of your data.

Good Guys

Our Team

Over 99+ Years of IT Experience