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Service Details

 Cloud Hosting

Unlike the normal, run-of-the-mill hosting providers, LfPHP Cloud Services offers true cloud hosting, and cloud hosting means Docker. When you choose any of our One-Click Apps, in the background, a Docker container is configured based upon the high-performant LfPHP Docker Image. The chosen application is then automatically installed and your website is up-and-running instantly.

 Why Is This Important?

The fact that your website is running as a Docker container gives you full control over every aspect of your web application. If you want to add additional software running in the background, you are able to do so. This is where we differ from our competitors who offer shared hosting or virtual servers. If you need to install additional software, they are only able to do so if it doesn't affect other users. If it does, with our competition, you're out of luck!

 No Lock-In

If you are a developer, you are free to use any base image of your choice: we don't lock you into our own image or software. All a developer needs to do is to develop a Dockerfile, and use our LfC (Linux for Composer) software to upload the Dockerfile and automatically deploy the new website with a single command.