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Service Details

 Application Blackouts

One of the problems you might encounter with other cloud service providers is that the core container technology they're using is flawed, resulting in strange situations where your applications continuously fail for no apparent reason. Here at LfPHP Cloud Services, you'll find that everything just works.

 Our Secret

The reason everything just works is due to the fact that we developed and own our own version of Linux. Yes, you heard that right: we have our own version! Because we are able to get right down to the operating system level, we're able to make sure that all the underlying libraries, upon which your application software, even the PHP language itself, is reliant.

 So ... Am I Stuck With Your Software?

As the LfPHP team themselves are developers, we totally understand the need to choose your own operating system. Accordingly, we do not limit your website to only our version of Linux. Far from it: we open the doors and support websites based upon any core Docker image based upon the x86-64 architecture. It's completely up to you whether you choose Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, or any other base image.