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 Fast Fast Fast!

All of our One-Click Apps feature custom scripted installers that optimize performance. A member of a group of prominent businessmen in the Montreal, Canada metropolitan area commented, "... this is the fastest implementation of Magento I have ever seen!" Don't wait to get your business up and running. Sign up now and start making money today!


WordPress is an all-time favorite application to install. Our installer builds a rock-solid solid core installation for you. For developers, you can use our LfC (Linux for Composer) technology to customize the installation and deploy to our cloud service with a single command. Another nice feature of our custom installer is that it not only creates the database for you, but it creates a database user and a unique highly secure password that you can use both inside WordPress, and from outside using phpMyAdmin.


Our Magento e-commerce installer gives you the fastest and most reliable installation available anywhere on the Internet. The same group of businessmen mentioned above confessed they had tried to get Magento to run on six different completing platforms ... without success. Only LfPHP was able to provide a solid working solution.


Drupal is an extremely popular all-purpose CMS that's actively maintained and has thousands of modules and themes. For developers we also offer training in Drupal 9 Module Development.


Joomla is an easy-to-use CMS very similar to Drupal. It also has thousands of themes and extensions. The LfPHP team maintains a Joomla extension: the Simple Email contact form.


Concrete5 is an up-and-coming blog style CMS that's a bit easier to use than WordPress. It's main strength is the ability to drag-and-drop files, photos, etc. onto a page.


PrestaShop is our alternative e-commerce solution to Magento. PrestaShop is easier to set up, but doesn't have as many extensions and themes as Magento.