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LfPHP Cloud Services: Technology That Just Works

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Business Solution That Works

Are you tired of having your applications crash because of something weird the hosting provider is doing? Are you tired of long wait times every time you need a new feature? Come check out the business solution that works.

Why PHP?

We focus on the PHP language because it's used in over 79% of all websites worldwide. With PHP 8 you get even faster performance. In addition, our core container technology offers you Python, perl and Ruby. (See survey)

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is far superior to simple web hosting represents the wave of the future. Legacy web hosting primarily gives you disk space on a single server. LfPHP cloud hosting allows you to build your own virtual server at will!

Pricing Table

Basic Plans

All plans offer free SSL certificates for any domains you connect to the site. more plans

    • Cumulus Plan


      Best for individuals
      • 1 CPU per cycle (min. Xeon @ 3.0 GHz)
      • 1 GB of RAM
      • 1 GB of Swap Space
      • 10 GB of Storage
      • Unlimited Bandwidth
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    • Stratus Plan


      Best for small business
      • 1 CPU per cycle (min. Xeon @ 3.0 GHz)
      • 2 GB of RAM
      • 2 GB of Swap Space
      • 20 GB of Storage
      • Unlimited Bandwidth
      Select Plan
    • Alto Cumulus Plan


      Best for popular websites
      • 2 CPUs per cycle (min. Xeon @ 3.0 GHz)
      • 4 GB of RAM
      • 4 GB of Swap Space
      • 40 GB of Storage
      • Higher Processor Priority
      • Unlimited Bandwidth
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About Us

We Offer Cloud Services, Training and Development

A group of individual PHP developers got together to create a unique, world-class cloud service. We also offer PHP training, consulting and development as well.

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Happy Customers

Why Choose Us

Why Choose LfPHP Cloud Services

It's easy to get lost in a sea of cloud service providers. Here's what makes us unique:

  • ASCLinux

    Our primary services are based upon our own version of Linux. All libraries are compiled from directly from source, which means that our core website engine is not only stable and reliable, but delivers applications at lightening speed.
  • It Just Works

    This is the phrase we've heard time and again from customers who wanted to run a mix of applications, modules and extensions on our competitors' services, but could not get things working. Once a customers ports their app over to LfPHP Cloud Services, they inevitably end up saying, it just works!
  • No Hidden Costs

    Unlike other cloud service providers, our plans are clearly laid out and have no hidden costs. Even better, you don't need a degree in computer science to figure out how much your monthly bill is going to be.

Technical Articles

Learn From LfPHP Cloud Services

Linux for Composer
by Doug/ on 28 Jul 2020

Deploy source code with a single command.

Something that makes LfPHP Cloud Services unique is its ability to accept a direct source code deployment. This articles shows you exactly how to deploy your application directly from source code to the cloud.