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Technical Articles

Instant eCommerce
by Doug/ on 18 Jun 2020

Instant eCommerce Website Using LfPHP One Click Apps

One of the most important features offered by LfPHP Cloud Services is its One Click Apps. This article describes how to use this feature to launch an instant ecommerce website.

PHP Lambda Cloud
by Doug/ on 21 Jul 2020

Interactive HTML Website with LfPHP Lambda Cloud

Many developers have heard the term function as a service but have no idea how it can be implemented. This article provides an example of a working PHP Lambda Cloud service based on HTML web pages.

Fast Forward Web
by Andrew/ on 1 Aug, 2020

Revolutionary concept invented by Andrew Caya.

In this article Andrew explains the basis for the Fast Foward Web: a concept called File Based Portable Environments. By following these principles, developers can deploy their code anywhere.

Linux for Composer
by Doug/ on 28 Jul 2020

Deploy source code with a single command.

Something that makes LfPHP Cloud Services unique is its ability to accept a direct source code deployment. This articles shows you exactly how to deploy your application directly from source code to the cloud.