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Service Details

 Serverless Architecture

The general trend these days is towards simplification. In the past in order to launch an application you needed to install a complex framework, navigate through a maze of service configurations, and then spin up a container. All of that work just to implement a simple PHP function!. The idea behind serverless architecture is to place your focus on the function and not have to worry about infrastructure.

 Function as a Service

Ideally you would end up with a killer PHP function that does one thing, and one thing well. As long as the infrastructure is in place, theoretically you should be able to plug your awesome function into a dialog box, hit a button, and Voila, presto-chango, you're the proud owner of a new service. Enter the LfPHP Lambda Cloud!

 LfPHP Lambda Cloud

The LfPHP PHP Lambda Cloud service is a true delight to developers, and an absolute life saver for those of us who know little of PHP or web development. This service is unique to LfPHP: not available from any other hosting provider!

When you're ready to add a dynamic page to your website, all you need to do, once this service has been installed, is to click on Add, enter a URL path, and plug in your new PHP function into the box provided. If you interesting in finding out more about this superb feature have a look at this article on our website: Interactive HTML Website with LfPHP Lambda Cloud.