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 As You Wish!

Many of our customers complain that their former hosting providers offered:

  • Outdated versions of PHP
  • The wrong version of PHP
  • No PHP support
  • Only a mandatory minimum number of PHP versions

With LfPHP cloud services, those concerns are a thing of the past.

 PHP Version Selector

In the dashboard of your new LfPHP Cloud Services account, under Server Configuration, we provide you with a PHP Version Selector. You can choose, as a default for your website, any PHP version from PHP 5.6 all the way up to PHP 8.

 Available Services

But wait ... there's more! Not only can you choose your ideal version of PHP, you can also choose from a number of infrastructure services including:

  • PostgreSQL:
    A fast relational database management system that generally outperforms MySQL or MariaDB
  • Redis:
    An in-memory data storage service used for caching (among other things), that greatly speeds up application performance.
  • MongoDB:
    An ultra-fast highly scalable NoSQL database management system that features document storage rather than a flat table-row-column arrangement.

 Available PHP Extensions

Another issue our customers complain about is that their former hosting providers did not give them any control over PHP extensions. If your application is based upon our widely acclaimed LfPHP Docker Image, or you are using one of our One-Click Apps, we provide you with a staggering total of 64 PHP extensions already built-in included with the image! In addition, we provide these two optional extensions:

  • Image Magick:
    An extension that provides the same functionality as Adobe PhotoShop but from within your PHP application
  • Xdebug:
    Beloved by developers, Xdebug gives you a leg up when it comes time to develop an application, and you need real-time information from your website.